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Depending on who is searching for what on which platform, there are different patterns involved. That's why we have many different sources so you can pick and chose those that match your audience best!

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Google autocomplete

Sometimes finding just the right word combination is difficult, so why not let Google help you? Simply type in your seed keyword and let the tool find google longtail keywords to help you write and/or research your content or find better converting advertising niches. Download your results into a text file for future reference and start writing.

Longtail keywords from Google autocomplete

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Amazon autocomplete

If you have a product to sell, Amazon and FBA (Fullfillment by Amazon) is the perfect platform. Amazon longtail keywords will help you determine what your next best-seller could be. Even if you don’t have a specific product in mind, a quick keyword search will can boost your creativity.

Longtail keywords from Amazon autocomplete

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Ebay autocomplete

Whether searching for a product or determining what others are buying, entering a keyword is the first step. Select the ebay longtail keywords from the list that are most relevant and download them. By typing the results into Ebay, you will quickly see if there is a demand for your product. As a buyer you will get the most relevant products to your search.

Longtail keywords from Ebay autocomplete

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Bing Autocomplete

Google dominates the search market, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't be looking elsewhere for inspiration, either! Bing longtail keywords help you to find keywords that others don't find, giving you more options and an advantage over your competition, be it for writing better content or finding the ad keywords no-one else knows about!

Longtail keywords from Bing autocomplete

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Wikpedia Autocomplete

Tap into the single biggest corpus of human knowledge! Wikipedia longtail keywords show a unique perspective on your topic. While other websites optimize their suggestions for some kind of conversion, wikipedia handles the big facts, science and news. Here you'll find ideas of how to research and drill down into a topic indepth.

Longtail keywords from Wikipedia autocomplete

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Alibaba Autocomplete

You sell things and source them in China or want to? Alibaba is the single biggest platform for finding suppliers for, well, anything that can be shipped. Use our Alibaba longtail keywords finder to tap into the millions of products you can buy and sell. No matter if B2C or B2B, for dropshipping or Amazon FBA, shipping containers or airdropping, here the professionals trade.

Longtail keywords from Alibaba autocomplete

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Youtube Autocomplete

Running your own video channel or want to add some media to your site? With our YouTube longtail keywords finder you can see what your potential audience is looking for.

Longtail keywords from Youtube autocomplete

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Yandex Autocomplete

Looking east? We got you covered with keywords from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Turkey, powered by the biggest Russian search engine, yandex.com!

Longtail keywords from Yandex autocomplete

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Fiverr Autocomplete

Trying to sell your services and need ideas? Find out what kind of small and big jobs people offer with this fiverr longtail keywords finder

Longtail keywords from Fiverr autocomplete


Are you a stock photographer? See what people are searching for on fotolia.com in your niche!

Longtail keywords from Fotolia autocomplete

This is a big step forward for modern keyword research. Keyword.io combines lots of forward thinking tools into a single, slick interface.

Cyrus Shepard, Content Marketer @ moz.com

This is awesome. Well done, I haven't seen any other tool like this!

Joe Morecroft, CEO @ yellowjammarketing.com

This is one of my favourite tools for doing keyword research and best of all is that it’s free! Once you make an account, ultimate power is at your fingertips

Matt Banner, matthewwoodward.co.uk

Hi Robert, I just found out this wonderful tool and I wanted to thank you for setting this up, you have done a terrific job so far.
I will be certainly recommend it to friends and other people whom might benefit from it!

User Feedback

Love it – keep up the awesome work :)

User Feedback

No issues here, a fantastic tool. Thanks for making it so readily available, it makes keyword and SEO research easy as pie!

User Feedback

I use it for keyword research daily. It's a great tool.

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Level up your PPC campaigns

Google Adwords Keywordtool gets you only so far with targeting your niche on the longtail. With our keyword suggestion tool, you get hundreds of keyword ideas for your topic, that you can easily filter, download and add to your campaigns!
You benefit from more focused traffic and save money by finding relevant keywords with less competition.

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Boost your SEO

Keyword densitiy as a ranking method is dead and that is a good thing. Today's SEO is about writing great texts, that answer your user's questions and apprehend your topics fully.
By analyzing pages that already do rank for a given keyword in the google SERP for your market, you get an amazing overview of relevant terms that you can use to create and improve your content!
Use the keywords report to see what people are searching for, what common questions your articles should answer and much more.

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Discover your topic

Writing content about new topics is a challenging task. Before you can even start out there is a long research phase in which you have to learn about your topic.
keyword.io kickstarts this process by showing you, what users are searching for in your topic and what terms are relevant for your content.
Dig deep, brainstorm and gain trust in your freshly created content by validating it against keyword.io's reports!

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Meet your audience

Speak your audience's language by getting localized keywords and choose from dozens of languages and hundreds of countries!